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Mhoba American Oak 43% ABV

This review is going to be my first steps on my own not along side some of the writers of review, that I have done earlier. I must say, that I am a bit nervous but on the other hand, I am going to share my passion for with all you guy, so what can possibly go wrong, nothing if you ask me.


RumCask Family To round off, I guess it is only right to finish on our favourites of 2017. We tried to pick unique rums from the year but struggled to diversify from the lists chosen. We did our…

Ivar De Laat

Ivar De Laat Not being content with having a passion of his being seen as average by most people, Ivar wants to promote honest producers and their products to help to make any difference he can. He has…

Stefan Kerner

Stefan Kerner Stefan had his first rum involuntarily in 2006 during a visit to River Antoine Rum Distillery in Grenada. But it wasn’t until his trip to Jamaica in 2013 to Appleton Estate when he really forged a…

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