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To round off, I guess it is only right to finish on our favourites of 2017. We tried to pick unique rums from the year but struggled to diversify from the lists chosen. We did our best!

Mhoba Rum
My discovery of 2017 was tucked away in the back left of corner of the UK RumFest. South African rhum anyone? If you too tried Mhoba that day, you know what I’m talking about. Pure, single sugarcane rum produced by the charming and humble Robert Greaves who spoke with pride and great humility about his exceptional produce. The rum is “glass cask” stave aged, a completely unique method and contains no additives. The small batch philosophy results in delicious, smokey rums, packed with flavour and character. Hard to believe these guys at Mhoba are first time producers but they have gone about things the right way and I look forward to seeing and tasting more from them!

Foursquare Criterion
2017 was pretty spectacular for rum releases and I know a lot of people, myself included, have Foursquare’s Criterion (56%) high on their favourite’s list. For me Criterion was a breathtaking wonder! Spicy, flavourful, big and for me not typically-Bajan albeit dry and fruity. My stock is dwindling but it is a rum that must be drunk…if you can find any!

Whisky Broker – Diamond Distillery Aged 12 years
Technically, this was released in December 2016. So maybe I am cheating a tad to add some diversity. I’m not sorry. A fantastic cask strength (63.5%) release I believe from the Enmore still. There is a great nose of sweetness which is mainly Demerara sugar, raisins and dark chocolate. However the taste leads more towards burnt caramel, and liquorice. Definitely notes of coffee and oak which seem to balance out the rum. I do enjoy the random spike into medicinal/petrol type notes as well. Glad I bought more than one bottle!

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