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Mhoba American Oak 43% ABV

Let´s get down to, what it is all about, rum. The first bottle, that I will focus on is from South Africa and made by a man that will for sure leave a mark in the rum world for years to come. 

His name is Robert Greaves and a newcomer, but he has a quiet interesting backstory, that in the end led to the creation of the Mhoba distillery. Back in 2015 Robert got approval from the authorities to start to produce rum and it started out slowly with building by himself a cane presser and a 200L still. It started out with white and “glass cask” aged rum at the local market. For Mhoba as a brand 2016 and 2017 were some very important years, because Robert visited Miami Rum Fest and UK Rum fest, where he met some very interesting people, that helped him further refine his rum production methods. The rum is made from the sugar cane fields just outside the distillery and the base of the rum is pure sugar cane juice.

As the glass slowly comes closer to the nose, my senses start to tickle and the first things that comes to my mind is chocolate chip cookie with roasted coconut, vanilla and caramel. In the background the wood is showing itself in the nose after a little time in the glass. A few more minutes in the glass notes of banana and pears surface and the finish is revealed with some smoky notes. 

The first sip get my fantasy kicking and just dreaming of walking through the sugar cane field in South Africa, emerging in the horizon is the smell of a bonfire and grilled porkchops covered in sweet BBQ sauce. As I stand besides the bonfire the charred wood is very clearly in my mouth and caramel and vanilla is there again as it was in the nose. A little bitterness to finish it off. 

In my honest opinion this is a great sipper rum and a bargain with the price tag, that this rum carries. I would highly recommend it.

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