Rum Tasting Event – The Golden Hinde

Wow! What a National Rum Day! A massive thanks to all of our RumCask family who made the event on The Golden Hinde last night. The rums featured were:

-Companero Gran Reserva
-Companero Panama
-Companero Elixir Orange

-Pirate’s Grog 5
-Pirate’s Grog No. 13
-Pirate’s Grog Ei8ht Coffee

-Rhum JM XO
-Rhum Clement VSOP
-Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb Liquer

-Ron Barcelo Platinum
-Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo
-Ron Barcelo Imperial
-Ron Barcelo Imperial Premium Blend

-Angostura Amaro
-Angostura Reserva
-Angostura 5 year
-Angostura 7 year
-Angostura 1919
-Angostura 1824
-Angostura No 1 Cask Collection

What an amazing range on a beautiful setting! Have a look through the pictures and make sure you keep an eye out for our next event, which will be October 18th back on The Golden Hinde. Details coming shortly!

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