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The Floating Rum Shack – Peter Holland

Peter is best described as a rum presenter, writer and consultant. Take a look at his Rum CV here to see the myriad of key rum events of which Peter has been part of. Make sure you check him out for all your rum needs be it information on the rum world, to maybe getting lucky enough to partake in one of his twitter tastings!

2017 proved to be a proper champ as far as Rum is concerned. More and more good stuff has been coming to market, all helping to counter some of the dross that’s all too freely available. In no particular order, my top three:

Rhum HSE Chateau Marquis de Terme 2005
The Rhum HSE Chateau Marquis de Terme 2005 was delicious and proved to be as equally accepted by all those whom I sampled it. I think HSE are one of the best producers in terms of wood management and their baseline is exceptionally high across the range, but this one managed to raise the bar further still!

Foursquare Rum Distillery – Criterion
I might be a little bias in my section of Foursquare Criterion. The combination of Madeira Cask influence and the personal sweet-spot for Foursquare weight of rum being around 56% meant I found this exceptionally drinkable. I know I do a little brand work with Foursquare – but my goodness I’ve drink a good bit of this and shared even more. I’ve got through four bottles and have four more at home!

Velier Royal Navy Very Old Rum
My final choice would probably be the Velier Royal Navy Very Old Rum. Expectations are high for Velier. But the way that some massively character-ful rums came together in that blend proved that it’s not just a case of throwing it together and hoping for the best. Each sip develops and takes you on a journey. The players are recognisable, but harmonious. If it was a football team, playing together the way the Rum works – they would surely be title contenders and that’s just what this rum is. I’m actually being quite selfish with it (which is not like me), because I can’t easily replace it and I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything like it again.

P.S. “Leaving out the Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve release was tough. Perhaps we could have a top four?”

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