Premium Rum Masterclass Part 2 – 67 Pall Mall

RumCask returned to collaborate with 67 Pall Mall, a private member’s wine club, this time to put on an Ultra Premium Rum Tasting/Masterclass for their members. With the help of Sergio Murath we provided an exceptional event with huge selection of rums to the members.

Once again we welcomed members with a classic daiquiri prepared by one of London’s best mixologists in Sergio. The guest’s were then sat with a sheet displaying all of the rums that were on offer for the evening. After an introduction into the wonderous spirit, this time with some more details information, member’s were guided through the tasting of the rum. As you can imagine, the further along we came, the more the guests were intrigued and the questions flowed. As a lead on from the first event, this really looked to showcase some of the higher end of the category.

The amazing line up of rums we tasted were:

– English Harbour 1981
– Bristol Rums Barbados Rockley 1986
– Samaroli Guadeloupe 13 Year 1998
– Angostura No1 Cask 2nd Edition
– Veronelli Barbancourt 25 1970s
– El Dorado Port Mourant 1999
– El Dorado Versailles 2002
– Rhum Bielle 2006
– Jamaica Kingston Fine 1895
– Edmond Dantes Cuban 25 Year

Another huge selection which was well received by all. A night which most likely will never be repeated due to the rarity of the rums on offer. Customised and tailored to their members, what a treat they had!


Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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