Rum Tasting Event – The Waterman Arms

Is there a better way to end November?


RumCask came down to the Waterman Arms in Brentford, showcasing some very cool products from the rum category on what was Barbados Independence Day!

The Rums featured were:

-Real McCoy 3 Year
-Real McCoy 5 Year
-Real McCoy 12 Year

-Companero Gran Reserva
-Companero Panama
-Companero Elixir Orange

-Cargo Cult Spiced
-Cargo Cult Banana Spiced

-Plantation Original Dark
-Plantation 3 Star
-Plantation Barbados 5 Year
-Plantation Gran Anejo
-Plantation Xaymaca
-Plantation O.F.T.D

-Ron Matusalem 10
-Bem Bom

What a range! As you can see its quite diverse to help showcase the category! A huge thanks to those ambassadors who came down to support! Keep an eye out for future events!

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