RumCask Online Tasting 2 Feb 2021

Friday evenings are always our favourite time for our online events!
On Friday Feb 26th we held our first second rum event of 2021. This event had a variety of special guests from across the globe and started with the rum cocktail classic of the rum sour made with Ron Compañero Gran Reserva and hosted by the brand owner Joshua Singh.
After this, we moved into our rum tasting itself. We had the following being showcased:


El Ron del Artesano with Sebastian Lauinger
Market Row Rum with Mikey Hirsch
The Lovers Rum with David Cordoba
Arcanist Rum with Alex Martin
Belgrove Rum with Ed Wood
A very fun night that kept us drinking long after the event as well! Thanks to everybody who joined us, from our speakers to our valued guests!
If you missed the event you can now watch the catch up on our Youtube channel here:

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