W5 Food Market Cocktail Pop-up

Having spent the last few events showcasing rum mainly in its neat form, RumCask decided we should have a popup bar to showcase the diversity of rum and how well it translates into some amazing cocktails.

We partnered up with the Eat Me, Drink Me market and on a beautiful Sunday afternoon we showcased the category to passers-by who didnt realise they wanted a cocktail, until the draw of fresh mint and lime enticed them over!

The three cocktails we created for the day were the Miracle Mojito, with some amaizng fresh mint and lime to really get the senses flowing, the Easter Rum Punch, for those who wanted something fruity with a lovely jamiacan overproof kick, and finally the classic of the Pusser’s Painkiller, with amaizng tropical fruits and a creamy texture for those who really wanted to transport themselves to the beach.

For those who fancied something a bit neat we of course had a few neat rums available as well which were the Pusser’s Spiced and Gunpowder and Botran Blanca.

After quite a few busy hours of shaking up cocktails from scratch, and mixed in with an impromtu talk given to the public on rum and the selction of cocktails, RumCask had a really enjoyable and tiring day. We loved doing the popup cocktail bar, it definitely wont be our last!


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