Rum Tasting Event – The Globe

What a great evening!


RumCask spent some time with the patrons of The Globe in Brentford, showcasing some amazing products from the rum category. The Rums featured were:

-Companero Gran Reserva
-Companero Panama
-Companero Elixir Orange

-William George
-Rum North Natural

-World’s End Tiki Spiced
-World’s End Dark Spiced

-Chairman’s Reserve White
-Chairman’s Reserve Spiced
-Chairman’s Reserve Limited Edition

-Cargo Cult Spiced
-Cargo Cult Banana Spiced

-Ron Matusalem 23
-Ron Matusalem 10

-Bem Bom

What a range! As you can see its quite diverse to help showcase the category! A huge thanks to those ambassadors who came down to support! Keep an eye out for future events!

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