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We had a blast last night with 3 very special guests showcasing some very cool rum to our attendees!

We had three sessions with guests who listened to our brand experts and then had the opportunity to participate in a live Q and A directly with them. An immersive experience indeed as we sent them rums from each brand to sample alongside our brand expert.

The rums we sampled were:

-Diablesse Rum Golden – with Cleo Farman
-Diablesse Clementine Spiced
-Tamosi Rum – with Benjamin Boothe
-La Progresiva Ron
-Black Tears – Cuban Spiced – with Peter Thornton
-Secret Dram?

6 quite unique releases which were very well received by our multiple guests.

We find this style of tasting very personal and has our RumCask spin in these pandemic times. More to come!

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