Ron Zacapa – Petate Rings

The Ron Zacapa 23 and the Reserva Limitada have petate rings around them. These are created by a team of the Chorti women in the Guatemalan town of Jocotán. They are made from dry palm leaves that are indigenous to Guatemala. The band itself can be traced back to the Mayan period where they were used as floor mats. It was said that people who sat on these mats were forced to view life with humility. The rings are a symbol, for the unity of everything. When Zacapa started to use the bands in 2003, they employed just about 50 artisans to hand weave 2,000 bands a month. Currently, between the now hundreds of the Chorti women that are employed, they weave over 20,000 bands a month. As a result, the production of this world famous rum helps to keep an entire community in Jocotán, employed.

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