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Always trying to push the rum category and community in toronto and Canada to higher levels, Robin never slows down. As bar manager at Miss Things in Toronto, he regularly hosts rum dinners with master blenders, distillers, and brand ambassadors! He connects the bar industry with the rum industry and does his best to educate and host all who enjoy rum. He travels to various rum festivals and distilleries to gain further knowledge to pass on to guests and industry colleagues alike.  He guest bartends and participates in rum seminars whenever possible. Furthermore, he’s putting together Toronto Rumfest for 2019/2020 to bring even more rum love to Toronto and other regions in Canada.

Follow his adventures here: @djrobinjames.

My top 3 rums for 2018 are:


#1 Foursquare Principia

Although released late in 2017, this went full steam in 2018 and was praised by many in the rum world.  I picked this over the Foursquare 2005 release (but it was a close second).  At 62% it has a very smooth finish and pushes this one to the top.  Beautiful rum coming from Barbados with big flavours.  No additives or sugar.  This will convert non rum drinkers into full time rum drinkers.  Richard, Gayle and the Foursquare team are pushing the rum category to the top of the spirits world!


#2  Worthy Park Estate Marsala Cask Finish

Like Principia, this rum came out late 2017 and was a bottle that disappeared quickly in 2018 as rum collectors gobbled it up!  After tasting this with many rum aficionados and top bartenders from around North America (most who have never tried before) they immediately fell in love with this bottle.   Sad that I’ve only got  1/5 a bottle left. (Hey best friend Zan!). This unicorn needs to make more appearances in North America!  Zero additives or sugar, big Jamaican flavours.   The only thing better than this from Worthy Park is their funky molasses in a jar.  One sniff and you’re in love immediately.   I would put that stuff on all my food!

#3 Privateer Rum Distillers Select Le Paradis (cognac cask finish)

One taste of this rum and you’ll become an instant fan of Maggie Campbell and everything she’s doing up in Ipswich Massachusetts with the Privateer team.  This rum is deep and rich with big flavours and finished just right in French cognac barrels.  A limited run (although I hope for more!!), no additives or sugar in this finish.   Maggie is producing THE best rum in America right now.   Her other offerings are just as delicious but this one tops the chart for me.     I can’t say enough good things about this small distillery and producer!

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