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Intro was created back in 2014 but only began getting noticed at the turn of 2015, when the man behind the site Wes Burgin went “public” on Facebook to share the sites posts in the various Rum Groups around the world.

Focusing mostly on  rum reviews which encompass the full spectrum from Supermarket own brand rums to Limited Edition Single Cask Rums  and taking in everything in between, including spiced and flavoured rums. Pretty much any rum that crosses the Pirates path will be reviewed.

Which can lead to some of the more entertaining reviews on the web. Outspoken, at times snarky and never short of an opinion the website has become a firm favourite with many rum enthusiasts around the world. Though not so much within some quarters of the Rum Industry.

As well as  running thefatrumpirate, Wes Burgin runs the UK Rum Club on Facebook and the Saint Lucia Distillers Appreciation Society.

In addition to this, in 2018 the website began a deep dive into the world of Cachaca which has led to a number of Cachaca reviews and another Facebook group The Global Cachaca Club.

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Despite all this activity he was still able to give us his 3 Rums of the Year for 2018.


  1. Kill Devil Jamaica Hampden Distillery Aged 10 Years – The Whisky Barrel Exclusive

We visit Hampden Estate courtesy of Hunter Laing’s excellent Kill Devil range via The Whisky Barrel online store.

Fantastically funky and a really great rum. The Whisky Barrel released a number of Hampden bottlings in 2018 and certainly got plenty of custom from this Rum Enthusiast!

An excellent full on hogo funky rum which showed some other more hyped releases what a Jamaican Rum is meant to be.

  1. Foursquare Rum Distillery Principia

The latest Foursquare bottling (on general release) in conjunction with Velier. We await the standard Destino bottling in the UK with baited breath but we’ve been more than spoiled (again) by Foursquare this year.

This was another classic.

A very intense and very fruity rum which was dangerously easy to drink despite the Cask Strength ABV.

Rum of the Year 2018 goes to…



  1. Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL

As close to perfect as you are likely to find in a rum. I have been told by others, that the 2006 WPM is actually better. For some reason I didn’t pick that one up. I do have a sample though so we will see in a future review.

This award is very much deserved and a great credit to Zan Kong and the team behind Worthy Park. Zan has worked very hard and connected with all the right people over the past few years to help grow the Worthy Park brand. I often get thanks for writing positive reviews. I always return the thanks – I don’t produced the wonderful rum, I just drink and enjoy it.

They are now very much one of the real big players in the “pure rum” movement.

Keep fighting the good fight. There are surely more prestigious awards coming your way.

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