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Josh Miller is the Founding Editor of, a California-based site that’s served up compelling rum content since 2011. Josh is a spirits writer, judge, educator, and collector who enjoys spreading the gospel of rum to all, be they uninitiated or expert.

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Hampden Estate Overproof

If you’re looking for a rum with which to craft a ridiculously decadent top shelf Mai Tai, your search ends with Hampden Estate Overproof. Made with complete faith to the great traditions of Jamaican rum, Hampden Estate provides a complexity and depth of flavor found nowhere else, and at an ABV that will curl your hair. Equally delightful on its own, this is a versatile full-strength rum that will find a happy home wherever it’s opened.




Worthy Park Single Estate 2006

This is a big, meaty rum that packs a phenolic punch that will make the most devoted Scotch whisky drinker consider switching alliances. Made from single estate cane and aged a full twelve years in Jamaica, this first extended-age release from Worthy Park reveals the value of the current offerings and creates ample excitement for what’s to come.




Foursquare Patrimonio

I’ve made no secret of my love of Foursquare rums. Doorly’s 12 is my all-time favorite from a value perspective, but these picks from Velier consistently bring a fresh perspective to the blends the Foursquare team assembles. Patrimonio is by far my favorite expression in this line to-date, so much so that I recently traded a bottle of Triptych for one. It’s got all the pot and column goodness and barrel influence of your typical Foursquare blend, but everything I already enjoyed seems positively amplified. It’s almost like the difference between a regular photo and an HDR version, except at 58% ABV, this one will please more than just your visual senses.




Honorable Mention: Saint Benevolence Clairin

White cane spirits are definitely having a moment, and clairin is probably the most exciting one to me. Here in the US, we’ve gone from zero to six available expressions of clairin in the past couple of years, and I for one am here for it. One of the most recent is from Saint Benevolence, a company founded on the charitable mission to give back 100% of profits to the community of St. Michelle. Fermented from fresh syrup and distilled in a rudimentary still, the 50% ABV spirit is full of flavor and carries with it a real sense of place and rustic authenticity. Try it in a ‘Ti Punch or Daiquiri for a fresh take on an old favorite.

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