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Following many years as an enthusiast enjoying and personally learning about Rum, Rumcompass was created in 2017. I love Rum and actively try to get people to see what it really is as a category and how wonderfully diverse it can be. The initial idea behind the website was to ‘show people the way’ when it comes to finding great Rums. However, over time I started to look more at the Rum community and share interviews with them and also some of the basics like how to taste Rum and links to good reading etc. I try to get to as many Rum festivals as possible and have also started to visit distilleries to continue my own education. There is nothing like #rumfamily…

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2019 once again saw some great Rums released. It is really hard to narrow it down to 3 but for that I am truly thankful. It makes me happy to know that there is so much good stuff out there. Foursquare continued to share their passion and dedication releasing more in the exceptional cask series such as Empery and Hereditas as well as Patrimonio in the Velier series. We also saw more SBS releases and a new Pot still release from Mount Gay as a new Master blender, Trudiann Branker, took charge. A couple of releases from Cuba appeared on the scene, watch this space for more from that part of the world. The more I think back the more I could go on so here are the 3 that really stick out for me in no particular order:

Worthy Park Single Estate 2006

At cask strength, 56%, this tropical aged Rum is both complex and well balanced. Aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels this Rum carries the WPL marque (Worthy Park Light, ester count 60-119). It has nothing at all added to it. I had the pleasure of trying this with Zan Kong at UK Rumfest and it was instantly a favourite. The nose is tremendous with notes of banana, tropical fruit and some subtle mint to name a few. The palate is even better with rich fruits, sweet spices and honey with familiar banana and oak. The balance is incredible. I could nose this for ages before sitting back and enjoying the taste journey. I look forward to future releases…

Foursquare Sagacity

It was hard to decide between this and the 2007 released earlier this year but in the end after changing my mind too many times I went for Sagacity “Having Good Judgement” as an all round great Rum. This is a blend of 12 year old Rums matured in ex-bourbon and Maderia casks. It is released at 48% and is the 11th release in the exceptional cask series. It follows in the line of Port Cask, Zinfandel and Premise which all carry the red lettering. A further bonus is that it is available for sale at £48! I couldn’t believe this but am happy to see it. I first tried this at the Foursquare dinner held at the Oxo tower during the Rum week build up to the UK Rumfest. On the nose is dried fruit and some subtle warm spices. The palate is complex with raisins and ginger as well as the influence of the Madeira as red grape comes through followed by the charred oak. It is very sippable.

Boutique-y Rum Signature Blend #1 Bright Grass

My final choice is one that may surprise a few (not being an aged Rum from a single distillery) but it is one that I have been drinking an awful lot of and is very affordable. The first in a shift to have a continuous release from Boutique-y Rum rather than rare and exclusive bottlings is made with a combination of unaged Rum from Jamaica and Martinique. It is released at 42% at a cost of £25. This can be sipped but has been developed with cocktails in mind. It makes an awesome Daiquiri! On the nose you get banana, pineapple and other tropical fruit as well as fresh grass. On the palate is fruit, pepper, oak and ginger with a nice Agricole feel. It certainly is a stable both at home and in one of our favourite bars already!

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