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My three favorite bottles of Rum from 2019 presented in no particular order. If you love some spirit in your rum and you love the wood notes presented clearly and without masking with wines or sugars you won’t be disappointed with any of these.



Real McCoy Limited Edition 14 Year

Real Mc Coy is distilled at Foursquare in Barbados by master distiller Richard Seale. This Single Blended 14yr limited edition that I have fallen in love with is a combination of column and pot still product that has been aged in ex Bourbon barrels. Judging by it’s complex and spirited nature I’m guessing the barrels were quite young. The sweet vanilla and honey typical of american white oak mingles with toasted wood and candy notes balanced against a warm gentle spice. Finish is long and nearly as complex as the palate. A great job yet again by Mr. Seale, thank you.  Without your efforts I likely would have lost interest in Rum long ago. 46%

Privateer Single Cask Queens Share

Queens Share represents a narrow selection of barrels produced from a particular technique by Maggie Campbell and it is a knock out. While I have burned through many bottles since discovering them this summer and all have been really great, these two are the best I have encountered. One – Hellcat Maggie – is a group barrel selection, while the other –  barrel P239 – was purchased off the shelf. Both have a rich mouth feel showing deep molasses and complex wood and caramel flavors mingled with christmas spices. The long graceful finish is more of the same. It’s the balance of those flavors that distinguish the bottles (barrels).  All Queens Share are absolutely delicious and absolutely worth the effort to find one for yourself. 55%

Boogieman’s Single Cask 11 Year Belize

This small amount of Rum is from a barrel that was left over from a custom blend by Scheer found it’s way into a bottling by a small retailer in Holland.  Probably bottled as a low cost afterthought this Rum is a stone sleeper. Phenomenal complex warm nose of candy, spice, wood and cigar box. A palate that explodes with dark chocolate, caramel, white pepper and dark fruit leads to a drying savory finish filled with wood, tobacco and leather. It’s a heart breaker that so little of this was bottled and it’s sad to think that someone blend the rest. 64.4%

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