Matt Pietrek – The Cocktail Wonk

The Cocktail Wonk – Matt Pietrek
Matt runs a fantastic website that is more than just rum and as he puts it ‘a unique take on spirits and craft cocktails.’ With a passion for most things drinks related and a massive list of professional highlights (which can be seen here) you’d be mad not to take a look at the great work he does.

Doctor Bird (Two James Distillery)
A funky Jamaican release from Worthy Park. It’s a blend of aged and high-ester unaged rums. It is also very reasonably priced. Finally, at 100 proof, it’s a reasonable alternative to Smith & Cross.

Compagnie des Indes New Yarmouth 12
Sourced from the other Wray & Nephew distillery that no one knows about, and rarely seen in independent  bottlings. This release proves that Long Pond and Hampden aren’t the only Jamaican distilleries that know the super-high ester game.

Appleton Estate Joy
A beautiful rum with a 25 year minimum age celebrating the legacy of Master Blender Joy Spence.

Can you tell I like Jamaican rums?

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