Rum Tasting Event – Ollie Vees Tiki Bar & Lounge

Is there a better way to round off 2018?

What an incredible evening at Ollie Vees Tiki Lounge in Leighton Buzzard. A very cool spot with an amazing rum selection!

Rumcask promised 12 but showcased 20 unique rums to the guests who joined us for an incredible Friday evening. With a variety of brands on show, our customers had a fun and informative evening leaving with not only some new found knowledge about the category but also having sampled a diverse range of rums!

The Rums sampled on the evening were:

-William George

-Hattiers Premium Reserve

-Damoiseau Cane Rhum

-Companero Gran Reserva
-Companero Panama
-Companero Elixir Orange

-Cargo Cult Spiced
-Cargo Cult Banana Spiced

-Plantation 3 Star
-Plantation Pineapple
-Plantation O.F.T.D
-Plantation Xaymaca
-Plantation Panama 2004
-Plantation Jamaica 2003
-Plantation XO 20th Anniversary

-Kalani Coconut Rum Liquer

-Ron Matusalem 10
-Ron Matusalem 10

-El Ron Prohibido Gran Reserva 15
-Stroh 80

A fantastic way to end the year and stay tunes for 2019 when we will be back with some new events, different locations and of course some very cool and unique rums!

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