Rum Masterclass On The Golden Hinde

What an amazing event!


Last Friday the 1st March, RumCask returned to The Golden Hinde in London to showcase the rum category. Alongside the wide array of guests we had 7 unique rum stands for our guests to meet the ambassadors, learn about the different rums available and of course, sample them too!


The rums and ambassadors we had were:

Paul McFadyen with:

-Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry

-Plantation Stiggings Fancy Pineapple
-Plantation XO 20th Anniversary
-Plantation Guyana 1998 (Ocho Tequila Finish)
-Plantation Multi Island XO (Côteaux du Layon Finish)

Skylark Spirits with:

-William George
-Clifton Estate Spiced
-Companero Elixir
-Companero Panama
-Companero Gran Reserva

Roger Barnes with:

-Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve
-Worthy Park Sherry Cask
-English Harbour 5
-English Harbour 5 Sherry Cask

Dean MacGregor with:

-Hampden Estate 46%
-Trois Rivieres VSOP

Dean also snuck in some Clairin namely the Vaval, Casimir and La Rocher!

Mario Sandgren with:

-Matusalem Platino
-Matusalem 7
-Matusalem 15
-Cargo Cult Dry Spiced
-Cargo Cult Banana
-Kalani Coconut Liquer
-Stroh 80

On the night we ended up featuring 29 unique rums! A wide selection from Asia Pacific to the Caribbean and almost everywhere in between. We had some Rhum Agricole, and some Cachaca on board to showcase more of the diversity of this amazing category. Our next events are being announced shortly, so stay tuned and grab your tickets to join us for a great evening. See you all soon #rumlove.

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