Rums Finished in Wine Casks at 67 Pall Mall

What a unique event!

RumCask spent an evening with the members of 67 Pall Mall to showcase wines in a completely new dimension.

We gave them the opportunity to try rums that have undergone a double maturation process first bourbon and then a finish in a variety of wine casks.

We showcased:

-Single Barrel Selection:

Barbados 2008 (Marsala)
Jamaica 2007 (Sherry)
Mauritius 2008 (Port)
Trinidad 2008 (Madeira)
(Skylark Spirits)

Fino & Oloroso (Sherry)
Porto (Port)
Pedro Ximinez (Sherry)
(Roger Barnes)

-Ron Abuelo
Napoleon (Cognac)
Oloroso (Sherry)
Tawny (Port)

Ron Prohibido (Raisin)
Ron Matusalem (Sherry)
(Mario Sandgren)

We also showcased some Rhum Damoiseau including the Pure Cane, VSOP and the 5 Year.

A very impressive and unique evening – the wine and spirit communities came together to discover how rums evolve and adapt when finishing their ageing in wine casks.

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