The New Inn Cocktail Popup

On the back of some successful events previously, we were contacted by The New Inn to hold a cocktail popup and a rum tasting night within a week for their customers.The owner’s had stumbled upon us at the market and wanted to have us in their pub for an event.

This time with more facilities we were able to recreate the Pusser’s Painkiller, and a Jamaican Rum Punch. This time however, instead of the Mojito, we deicded to create the classic rum cocktail, the daiquiri. Including the classic variety, we offered over 14 unique flavours that night for the public to sample.

A fantastic night, with an amazing crowd who seemed tentaive at first to drink cocktails in a pub, but as more people arrived to try our variety, they realised they have needed cocktails in a pub all along, to help change the usual pub offerings!

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