Cocktail Bar

A Cocktail bar is a fun event where we can turn up and make cocktails for you and guests. We could be the main attraction, or there as a bolt on to an event you are already holding. We have a variety of different rum based cocktails in our arsenal, rest assured they will mainly use fresh ingredients and be prepared for you on the spot. These will always showcase the creativity of rum and how it can really bring life and essence to cocktails whatever your flavour profile maybe. Our recent requests have been Rum Punch, Mojito, Daiquiri (13 different flavours), painkillers, zombies and many more. Our aim is to provide a fun evening, and hopefully prove that rum is a spirit which is useful in all aspects of the alcohol world, be in sipping, with a basic mixer or in a cocktail.


Have a look at our previous events page here for examples of our previous offerings. In particular we think cocktail event was very well received!

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