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European Rum & Cocktail Online Festival

On Saturday 8th of August, RumCask brings you the European rum and cocktail online festival, a virtual voyage into the delicious world of rum, taking festival goers on a journey to meet some of the leading rum producers from around the globe.

What Is The Rum & Cocktail Online Festival?

As long-haul travel is restricted this summer, we are inviting you to join us on a virtual journey into the global world of rum. With fun, educational distillery tours, cocktail masterclasses and guided rum tastings from leading rum brands. It’s the ultimate way to spend a day, expanding your knowledge of rum, learning new cocktail skills and meeting some incredible likeminded people, all from the comfort of your own home.


What Happens On The Day?

A jam-packed day awaits where you’ll learn how to create delicious rum cocktails guided by international cocktail bartenders, sample over 25 unique tots of rum and listen to distillers and brand owners share stories and insights into how they make their incredible products.


This is a one-off experience to enjoy from the comfort of home, whilst long-haul travel is currently restricted, tasting the true spirit of Trinidad, Barbados, Bermuda, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Distilleries showcased will include Foursquare, Trinidad Distillers Limited and Damoiseau, whilst swinging by cocktail bars including the Duke of Tokyo (Amsterdam, Holland), Dirty Dick (Paris, France), Montanya (Colorada, USA) and El Del Frente (Havana, Cuba). The brainchild of rum aficionados, Indy Anand, Jaz Anand and Chet Ladwa of RumCask with over 15 years experience in the rum industry between them.





What Do I Get In My Pack?

Once you purchase your ticket we will send you a bumper festival pack loaded with everything you need for the festival.

Each pack contains:

  • Over 25 samples of unique rums (20mls of each)
  • All of the non-perishable ingredients to make 4 cocktails
  • A booklet with information on all of the rums to be sampled, instructions on how to make the cocktails and full info about the event
  • The booklet will be the official festival guide and a great reference point for people to use throughout the day (and beyond) for key information on the brands, talks, cocktails and bars.


Which Bars Will We Travel To?

We’ll be transporting you to 4 amazing bars across the globe, teaching how to make a cocktail in each one. The first two bars will be 12-1pm (GMT) to help you get into the festival mood. The second two are at the end of the day from 7-8pm (GMT) to wind down the day and kick back.

Bars to be visited:

Duke of Tokyo – Amsterdam, Netherlands. Making the Tun-Up Punch

Inspired by the buzzing back streets of Tokyo’s coolest neighbourhoods, Duke of Tokyo is a Karaoke bar and cocktail bar featuring Japanese flavours, cocktails, Sake and spirits.



Dirty Dick – Paris, France. Making the Mango & Passion Fruit Bellini

Not far from the Moulin Rouge cabaret club lies an unexpected bar – a temple to all things tiki, created by Californian Scott Schuder. Serving an ever-changing selection of tiki cocktails both old and new.


Montanya – Colorado, USA. Making The American Junglebird

Montanya Distillers has been elevating rum for over a decade, distilling and serving artisan cocktails at nearly 9,000 feet above sea level in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.




El Del Frente – Havana, Cuba. Making The Cuban Spiced Mojito

El Del Frente is in the heart of Havana’s young and vibrant café bar culture, and the cocktail list is impressive and wonderfully eccentric. The vibe is relaxed it’s a perfect place to sit and loose a few hours of your life, leaving with a smile on your face.

Which Rum Brands Will Be Showcased?

More Brands To Be Announced Shortly…

What Do I Need Before The Festival?

For you to maximise your enjoyment on the day we have put together a few things we think you should get hold of before the event.


Zoom access –  Although this can be done on your mobile phone, we would recommend using a laptop or computer. Why not connect up to your TV and have some friends around to help create a more rummy atmosphere? (socially distanced of course!).
A cocktail set – This would be useful for creating the cocktails at home. If you aren’t able to get hold of one, don’t worry, just grab yourself an air tight jam jar/gym bottle/something you can shake, alongside an egg cup and a spoon to help measure out your ingredients
Sparkling wine/Prosecco – This will be required for two of our cocktails (we recommend at least 300ml in total)
Soda water – we recommend at least 300ml
Fresh mint leaves – minimum of 8
Nutmeg – freshly grated or powdered
Lots of ice! – We do mean LOTS, you’ll be shaking with ice and then using ice in most drinks as well!)

Water/Food – we encourage responsible drinking at all times so please keep hydrated and have lots of snacks ready

Festival Schedule

  • Saturday 8th of August 2020
  • 12:00 – 20:00 (GMT) hosted on the Zoom video platform
  • The festival starts with greeting everyone for a welcome cocktail session live from the Duke of Tokyo in Amsterdam followed by Dirty Dick in Paris.
  • Guests can then select a series of ‘rooms’ to join to learn about the different rums
  • 13:00 – There is an hour’s break for lunch
  • 14:00 – Three rooms will run each hour for people to access at their leisure
  • There will be 30 minute breaks after each hour’s session to relax and refresh
  • 18:00 – Break
  • 19:00 – Cocktail sessions with Montanya bar in Colorado, USA then the grand finale at El Del Frente in Havana, Cuba!
  • 20:00 – Drop into the chill out room for chats with other festival goers

Missed a bit? Don’t worry, all our video sessions will be recorded for people to re-watch after the event so you get access to all the sessions to watch at your leisure.



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